19 Things You Can Do in Under 10 Minutes to Live Longer

By | January 8, 2019

Have sex

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Not a terrible way to pass the time and tack on years to your life, right? “Sex releases endorphins and other hormones in the body, increases feelings of intimacy and bonding and combats feelings of loneliness and depression,” says Dr. Vuu. “Staying sexually active also has physical, stress relieving, social, and mental benefits and it’s been shown to increase immunity, decrease risks of prostate cancer and heart attacks in men, and reduce stress and blood pressure—adding to longevity.”

Drink a cup of tea

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Tea has long been hailed as a health remedy, thanks to its rich level of antioxidants. “Tea has anti-cancerous and cholesterol-lowering properties and has been shown to protect the brain from free-radical damage and strengthen bones against osteoporosis,” says Dr. Vuu. “Also, as demonstrated in studies published in JAMA, tea also lowers risks of death from all forms of cardiovascular diseases.”

Eat spicy foods

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Adding a little spice to your breakfast, lunch, and dinner will not only boost its flavor but may possibly extend your lifespan as well. Research, including one study published in BMJ that looked at 485,000 people, indicates that eating spicy foods can reduce the risk of premature death. “While researchers aren’t completely positive why these spicy peppers can contribute to life extension, the most likely reason is their active component known as capsaicin,” adds Dr. Axe.

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