EyeQue VisionCheck At-Home Eye Test for Self-Prescription of Glasses

By | November 16, 2018

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EyeQue, a company based in Newark, California, is releasing a vision testing system that you can use at home to test your eyes with the help of a smartphone.

The EyeQue VisionCheck personal vision tracker snaps onto the screen of a smartphone and the user simply places it against the eye to perform the testing. The accompanying app displays various images on the screen and while the user looks at those, an internal motor rotates a series of lenses that work together to measure the eye’s focus and astigmatism, and so the refractive error. A special tool built into the app also helps to measure the distance between the pupils. Using the results, the patient can obtain prescription glasses as the system is as accurate as necessary for that application. It provides the spherical, cylindrical, and axis figures that are needed to make the glasses.

The VisionCheck device relies on the Inverse Shack Hartmann optical method and the eye measurement technology was patented originally at MIT.

EyeQue hopes that its device, which is currently available for preorder for $ 60, will help people to save on prescription glasses, particularly those whose eyesight keeps changing on a regular basis.

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