Jane Danson health latest: Dancing On Ice professional reveals reason behind her collapse

By | February 17, 2019

Jane Danson, 40, is known for playing Leanne Battersby in ITV soap opera Coronation Street. The actress has been a long-standing character on the popular programme, and has now decided to take to the ice for this year’s Dancing On Ice competition. Jane has been documenting her ice-skating progress on social media and has been entertaining fans with her impressive performances each weekend. But earlier this month, she had a worrying moment when she fainted on the ice during rehearsals on the day of a live show.

Shortly after the collapse, which happened on February 3, pictures revealed Jane laying face down on the ice with her ice-skating partner, professional Sylvian Longchambon by her side.

Medical professionals rushed to her side and placed her on a stretcher.

But after the initial care, Jane was fully assessed and she was revealed to have no severe injuries.

She took to Instagram and posted: “Thank you to the make up team who sprinkled their magic over me and made me feel myself again.

“Thank you to @slongchambon for literally saving me today. And thank you so much for voting.”

But why did Jane collapse on the ice?

A week and a half after the collapse, Sylvian reflected on the incident with New! Magazine, and revealed why he thought Jane fainted.

He said: “She’s not been eating enough for the last couple of weeks. She’s been very busy at Corrie and training on the ice every day.

“We’ve often been training between 12pm and 3:30pm, which is when you would have your lunch.

“I know she’s been eating sandwiches and not the most healthy food. I think that didn’t help on [that] Sunday.”

Last week was week six of the Dancing on Ice competition and Jane appears to be back to full health.

She scored 22.5 with a performance last weekend, placing her six out of eight on the leaderboard.

The actress hasn’t escaped from being completely unscathed however.

At the end of January she posted a selfie on Instagram of herself smiling on the ice.

She wrote: “Thank you once again for all your votes. Back to the ice this morning, a little bruised and bit tired but today is a new day.”

Dancing on Ice will continue this Sunday on ITV.

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