Ocasio-Cortez asks social media followers for decorating advice

By | March 14, 2019

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is decorating and she wants help.

The New York Democrat wrote to her 3.52 million Twitter followers for suggestions on which furniture items she should get for her new Washington apartment.

“Is Instagram still down? Bc after 2 months almost furnitureless in DC I am trying to take you all on the riveting adventure of getting: a chair (Also, if you had to start a new apt from scratch, what would be the first 5 pieces of furniture/items you would get? Asking for me),” Ocasio-Cortez posted Wednesday evening.

The 29-year-old Democratic socialist, who moved into a luxury apartment complex in Washington, DC, got plenty of recommendations from the Twittersphere — more than 12,000 responses in 12 hours.

But with Ocasio-Cortez being the lightning rod she is, the responses ranged from the simple (“sofa, bed, nightstand, table, chair(s)”) to the political (“This is what’s wrong with Democrats. They want to take away a small percentage of money from billionaires so they can live it up by having a chair. Can’t they just stand?”).

One user suggested she consult with Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson, who got into hot water for buying a $ 31,000 dining set for his DC office.

“Ask Ben Carson. He can probably find you something really nice,” Brian posted.

Celebrities weighed in, too.

Nick Offerman, who plays woodworker Ron Swanson in NBC’s “Parks and Recreation,” suggested a “table saw.”

“Bridesmaid” actor Chris O’Dowd said: “Treat yourself to a La-Z-Boy?*”

“(*this is really just an alley-pop for you to reply; ‘CHRIS, I SEE ENOUGH OF THOSE IN CONGRESS!’) You’re welcome Alex, good luck out there,” he wrote.

The suggestions sometimes went beyond just furniture.

“A bed, desk/lap desk, chair and ottoman. Also a cat. Because I love cats. They double as heating pads so technically appliances,” wrote Kaelan Rhywiol-Semi-Hiatus.

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