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Medical News Today: Sweet options for people with diabetes

One of the most challenging types of food for people with diabetes to find is dessert. Doctors will generally encourage people with diabetes to avoid sugars and carbohydrates. However, by making some simple nutritional changes, it is possible for people with diabetes to enjoy desserts. Desserts can be full of sugar and other simple carbohydrates,… Read More »

This 'Popfetti' Popcorn Tastes Like Funfetti Cake, and We're Here for the Sweet & Salty Combo

When a sweet and salty craving hits, you normally have to try several different foods before you’re completely satisfied. You might have a handful of pretzels, and some dark chocolate. Maybe you reach for peanut butter and a banana. Or, you could just go for cake-flavored popcorn. Pop Secret’s limited edition “Popfetti” covers sweet and… Read More »