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6 Things to Do to Recover From a Burnout

If the warning signs of a burnout resonate then you need to act. There are serious consequences to your physical and mental health if you do not curb the continuous stress you experience. Talk to Someone and Ask for Help Tell a loved one, talk to your doctor, a counselor or a trusted person in… Read More »

Amazon's healthcare hiring spree: 4 things to know – Becker's Hospital Review

E-commerce giant Amazon is hiring top talent to help guide its push into the healthcare sector, according to Nasdaq. Here are four things to know: 1. Amazon recently hired Jason Tzau, PharmD, to oversee its employee benefits plan. Dr. Tzau will help roll out initiatives to improve Amazon’s healthcare benefits program and service. He’ll also… Read More »

25 Everyday Things You Didn’t Know You Could Get Addicted To

Everyday Wellness Lambeth HochwaldNov 26 Colleen TraversNov 26 The word “addiction” suggests gambling, drinking, and drugs. But there are other habits, behaviors, and even beauty products that are surprisingly addictive. Chapstick puhhha/Shutterstock If you’ve ever sat with a friend and watched as he or she applied and then reapplied Chapstick or any other type of… Read More »