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Trump outlines plan to lower Medicare drug prices to match prices overseas

President Trump outlined a new proposal Thursday to lower Medicare prices for certain drugs by tying them to the prices paid overseas, decrying European “freeloaders” who get lower prices for prescription drugs. “We are taking aim at the global freeloading that forces American consumers to subsidize lower price in foreign countries through higher prices in… Read More »

Trump administration to expand use of HRAs to individual marketplace

The government is releasing a proposed rule to expand the use of employer-funded, tax-advantaged accounts called health reimbursement arrangements. Currently, a health reimbursement arrangement allows employers to reimburse employees for out-of-pocket medical expenses. The Obama Administration had limited their use. The Trump administration, through a rule to be published Monday, proposes to expand the use… Read More »

Profiles in petty: Trump admin to shut ObamaCare site during open enrollment stage

The Trump administration is planning to take down the ObamaCare website for hours at a time during the open enrollment period, The Hill is reporting. The administration has argued that such downtime occurs regularly on the site and is designed to happen during slower periods. Critics have said it is an attempt to trip up coverage provided… Read More »